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The Ariddian credit (symbol: Ç) is the official currency of the People’s Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia (and the Extraterritorial Sovereign Ariddian Territory). Ariddia has now evolved into a moneyless society, but the Ariddian credit has not become totally defunct. All Ariddian credits are handled by the National Treasury, and used for foreign trade. Credits are also distributed to Ariddian citizens who wish to travel abroad.

The inflow of money into the country comes mainly from tourists, and from taxes levied upon foreign companies operating in Ariddia.

Somewhat confusingly, the North-West Ariddian currency is also called the Ariddian credit. This is due to the fact that the small city-state originally used the currency of its “bigger brother”, until the Ariddian economy slumped, Ariddia abolished money, and North-West Ariddia began economic reforms. The North-West Ariddian currency can now be identified by different symbols on its coins and banknotes, and has a much greater value than its Ariddian namesake.

At present, one West Ariddian credit buys 445.90 Ariddian credits (WÇ1 = Ç445.90), and one Ariddian credit from North-West Ariddia is worth Ç53.45.

To add to the confusion, the Ariddian credit was adopted in 2144 as the official currency of the newborn Federation of the Ariddian Isles, which reunified the PDSRA and North-West Ariddia as a single nation. In practice, two seperate currencies were retained, and both are recognised as legal tender throughout the Federation.

Details of Ariddian banknotes

The smallest value of a PDSRA banknote is Ç100, although coins exist with a value as low as Ç1 (c.WÇ0.002, or €0.004). The highest value of a banknote is Ç100,000 (c.WÇ225, or €450). Banknotes come in three colour shades: red, green and black (the three national colours). On each banknote, one side depicts a portrait of a famous person from the country's history, while the other side has a building, monument or notable site.

Many foreign banks do not stock Ariddian banknotes with a value lower than Ç1,000.

International exchange rates

Exchange Rates
With one:you can buy:
loonie (Tanah Burung)Ç259.41
union paw (Hell Bovines)Ç0.99
euro (Knootoss)Ç441.00
Menelmacari credit (Menelmacar)Ç424.04
cacao (Aztec National League)Ç380.17
douro (Pacitalia)Ç456.25
thennat (SeOCC)Ç324.26
nomismata (Alasdair I Frosticus)Ç3.73
Sanadrianese lira (San Adriano)Ç10.29
West Ariddian credit (West Ariddia)Ç445.90

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