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Antilles Yent
Used IN Lesser Antilles
Symbol *
Subdivision 1 Antilles Yent(*) = 100 Pence (D)
Exchange Rate 1 Yent = 24.014 USD
In use since 17th July, 1954
Currency Code AYNT

The Yent is the Offical Regional currency of the Lesser Antilles. It was indroduced when the Lesser Antilles Economic Community was started in 1954 and was first used in the United Island Empires and Caseia. It has now become widespread with users in and outside of the Lesser Antilles. The usual design is a map of the Lesser Antilles of the reverse, although different nations have there own unique designs. All numbers are in Arabic Numerals because of language difficulties.
ISO Currancy code: AYNT
The denomiation of the yent is: Antilles Yent(*) = 100 Pence (D)

It is controled by the Antillean Central Bank in Sekore Island, United Island Empires, run by the IEC Bank.


The Antilles Yent was first used in 1954 as a way of increasing trade between companies in the United Island Empires and the Caseian Government. When the Lesser Antilles Economic Community was started between these nations, Zarroc and Lithwah, it was decided that the Yent be the official currency of the union. As over the next 50 years as more nations join the LAEC, the regional currency became more widespread. In 1994, a legislation was passed allowing nations outside of the LAEC, and even outside of the Lesser Antilles, to use the Yent as their currency. At as 2005 estimate, around 100 nations from around the NationStates world use the Antilles Yent as their currency. This has fallen recently, now just 12 nations use it offically. However, it is still used for many tranactions across the world.

Approximate Exchange Rates

These are the average exchange rates for one Antilles Yent. The rates will vary.


1*=f 11


Coins of the Antilles Yent
Denomination Composition1 Obverse Reverse Diameter/Shape
1/16D(Caseia only) Copper-plated steel Prozium Injector Map of the Lesser Antilles 6mm/Square
1/8D Copper-plated steel 8th Map of the Lesser Antilles 6mm/circular
1/4D Copper-plated steel 1/4 Map of the Lesser Antilles 10mm/circular
1/2D Copper-plated steel 1/2 Map of the Lesser Antilles 16mm/circular
1D Copper-plated steel 1D Map of the Lesser Antilles 10mm/heptagon
2D Cupro-nickel 2D Map of the Lesser Antilles 9mm/circular
5D Cupro-nickel 5D Map of the Lesser Antilles 14mm/circular
10D Cupro-nickel 10D Map of the Lesser Antilles 9mm/pentagon
20D Cupro-nickel 20D Map of the Lesser Antilles 26mm/circular
50D Nickel-brass 50D or 1/2* Map of the Lesser Antilles 15mm/circular
1* Nickel-brass * Map of the Lesser Antilles 63mm/circular

1Some early coins had different compositions.


Note: These are the designs on the original notes. There are many other designs.

Bank Notes
Denomination Writing Colour Obverse Reverse
1* Gold United Island Empires Capital Buildings Map of the Lesser Antilles, *
2* Dark Blue Caseia Capital buildings Map of the Lesser Antilles, 2*
5* Dark Blue Antillean Charter Map of the Lesser Antilles, 5*
10* Red Antillean Central Bank Map of the Lesser Antilles, 10*
20* Red IEC Bank Building, Samonta Map of the Lesser Antilles, 20*
50* Silver IEC Bank Building, Sekore Island Map of the Lesser Antilles, 50*
100* Silver Garomenian IEC Bank Map of the Lesser Antilles, 100*
500* Gold Antillean Regional flag Map of the Lesser Antilles, 500*
1000* Gold IEC Bank Trademark Map of the Lesser Antilles, 1000*

International responses

  • United Island Empires: In a 2006 press conference, UIE Managing Director Rt. Hon. Jacob Guest Sh. said on the suject of the single currency "It always has been, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, that our view is that the single currency is the most effective method of economic cohesion between ourselves and other friendly nations."
  • Caseia: A foreign affairs spokesperson for Caseia said "Caseia believes that the Yent offers greater international unity between LAEC member states."

Controversy Surrounding the Yent


The Yent was set up following two of the ideals of the LAEC, Wealth and Regional Union. However, it has been said that in encroaches of another of the ideals, Sovereignty. This has sparked and large debate within the Antillean Court of Justice. Many nations complain that sovereignty is already given up in favour of other ideals in other parts of the LAEC. However, other say it is within there sovereign rights to use a regional currency if they wish.


There is also controversy sounding the fact that the IEC Bank, a Public Limited Company, is controlling the currency of many billions of people. However, the company is closely regulated by officials from nearly every nation in the LAEC.

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Possible Expantion

There have been attempts to spread the Yent to all members of the CARICOM. Lesser Antilles Security Council Bill 3 also made it posible for United Nations members in the Lesser Antilles region to unilaterally adopt the Yent as their currency.

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