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Name in official languagesEnglish: The Democratic Republic of Chacor
Caccir: Dimokratic Ripablik di Caccor
CapitalChacoria de facto
Language(s)English, Caccir
National Holidaynone
Government TypeParliamentary Republic
Head of StateNone de facto1
Head of GovernmentPrime Minister James Martin-Gibson
ParliamentParliament; 220 elected members
Administrative Structure3 Territories
Electoral SystemPrime Minister elected by Parliament
Footnotes1 - The Head of State of the nation has no powers and is just a title. Usually there is no head of state, although most Heads of Government also choose to take on the title of Head of State.
Flag of Chacor
Motto: Peza en liverti
(Caccir: Peace and freedom)
No detailed map
Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Chacoria
Official Language(s) English, Caccir
Leader James Martin-Gibson
Population 7 billion
Currency Cazor 
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