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Flag of Morgrugyn
Motto: At One With All
National Anthem: None at present'
Map of Morgrugyn
Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Brooks' Chine
Official Language(s) English
Government Democracy
 - Governor George Maribel
Population Approx 1 billion (estimate)
Currency Groat (غ)(G:) (BTGR)
Timezone AOTC +01
 - Summer (DST) N/A
Internet TLD .bet
Calling code +28
NS Sunset XML
<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">MOR.png
Morgrugyn's location within the region

Morgrugyn (pronounced Mor-gru-gin) occupies a narrow strip of land situated at the north of Verdena, which is located along the southern fringes of Atlantian Oceania, and shares a land border with its master nation Bettia to the south. Elsewhere, it shares land borders with Hypocria to the south-east and Wulaishen to the east, with the Crystalikere Channel providing a maritime border to the north.

Recent History

The nation of Morgrugyn lies on the western part of the former nation of Cockbill Street. When the latter ceased to exist, it effectively became a lawless society, although it didn't descend into the anarchy that local observers had initally feared. Unfortunately, the terrorist organisation known as the Paramilitary Instigators of Secular Society (P.I.S.S.) took the opportunity to use large swathes of it's territory as a base for launching attacks against the Bettian state using their army of genetically enhanced giant ants - its location made it an ideal launchpad for cross-border raids.

After learning of their plan and their wherabouts, the Bettian army launched a two-pronged attack on P.I.S.S. - one of these fronts was Morgrugyn itself. The thick forests which cover the southern portions of Morgrugyn soon proved to give excellent cover for the Bettian army to launch ambush attacks on their bases of operation. With their links to Northern Bettia already severed, P.I.S.S.'s strongholds in Morgrugyn were soon overwhelmed and the nation was quickly liberated. Morgrugyn was incorporated as a colony of Bettia, which holds a permanent military prescence for security reasons.

Soon afterwards, Morgrugyn was formally accepted into Atlantian Oceania and a formal border was drawn up with the newly-formed nation of Wulaishen, which had recently occupied the eastern half of Cockbill Street. It was quickly decided that the border should be drawn from the intersection with Falcania's westernmost point as a reference.


Morgrugyn is well-known for its large tracts of unspoilt land, which is largly due to the complete ban on motor vehicles and deliberately low level of technological advancement. Tarmac, concrete and other such modern building materials are unheard of here, which roads being nothing more than dirt tracks or cobbled streets.

Combustion-engined motor vehicles are banned throughout the nation, and the only organised public transport is a fortnightly airship service linking the national capital Brooks' Chine with Grappenhall Zeppodrome in Bettia. Because of the relatively localised rural populations, such forms of long-range transport tend to be deemed unnecessary - indeed, a horse and cart is the most common transport seen on Morgrugyn's roads. Urban air quality is exceptionally high as a direct result of this, virtually on a par with uninhabited areas.

The southern areas along the Bettian border are covered by the fringes of the Banastra rainforest. This is protected by Bettian (and now local) law, and as such these areas are sparsely populated. Many forms of wildlife such as the arora as well as many species of tropical bird, butterflies, insects and other such forest life can be found in these areas. In addition, many giant ants can be found roaming these parts - another factor in the lack of local human colonisation.

The northern coasts are fringed with sandy beaches and high chalk cliffs, which make ideal nesting sites for many types of marine bird. The largest of Morgrugyn's human settlements are found here, including the capital.

Topographically, Morgrugyn is largely flat, rising only towards the south as the land rises into the Banastran Rainforest. A large number of small rivers drain down from the rainforest into the Crystalikere Channel, transporting minerals and nutrients to the lowlands and resulting in naturally well-irrigated fertile soils well-suited for local agriculture.


When Morgrugyn was first formed, a proposal to form larger provinces such as those found in Bettia and Northern Bettia were discounted as unworkable due to the national restrictions on transport. Therefore it was decided to subdivide the nation into a number of small boroughs run by local councils. Under Morgrugyn law, councillors are elected every five years (with by-elections held as needed), and are expected to convene once every two weeks in the council hall located in the borough capital. Unreasonable lack of attendance is seen as reasonable grounds for a councillor to be ejected from his/her post.

The heads of each of these councils attend a national council in the capital city once a month to discuss any matters of national importance. It is from this national council that the national leader, acting under the title of Governor, is elected.

A large number of small political parties operates within Morgrugyn, usually operating towards the left-wing / libertarian sides of the political compass. Although many are mostly concerned with local issues (such as arora incursions into private farmland), a few parties have emerged who have taken on more national arguments within their manifestoes, such as the debates between those who believe Morgrugyn should be modernised and brought in line with the rest of the region, and those who wish to maintain the traditional agrarian culture. At present, modernisers are very much a small minority.

Although tied to Bettia as a puppet nation, Morgrugyn is not a part of any political or defence organisations.

The People

The population of Morgrugyn is largely rural, with a strong sense of community to be found among the many small villages and market towns which dot the landscape. This occasionally leads to rivalries emerging between neighbouring villages, although thankfully this tends to be restricted to the cricket pitch. There tends to be little movement or marriage between these towns and villages, with some places containing large extended families which have lived in the area continuously for many centuries. Inevitably, this leads to many jokes about inbreeding, although in actual fact this problem hasn't yet seemed to have materialised.

Indeed, cricket is the only sport which enjoys any real popularity in Morgrugyn - it is said this may be due to the quieter nature of the game, which seems to suit the people (or Grugyners, as they are also known) better than the more fast-paced adrenaline-filled sports which enjoy more populatiry elsewhere. A number of local village cricket leagues are in operation, as are one or two larger county leagues, and a national championship is being considered, although transport is a major stumbling block to its implimentation.

Although the former nation was once a footballing power, this hasn't really carried over into the new nation, although a small number of teams have been accepted into the Banastran provincial league within the Bettian football pyramid.

Organised religions tend to play a very small part of Morgrugyn's life, although a number of fairly large muslim communities may be found at the far north of the country. Elsewhere, ancient druidic pagan beliefs are widespread, with many prehistoric henges to be found scattered throughout the countryside.

Economics & Industry

Due to its low level of technological advancement, Morgrugyn's economy is noticably weaker than many other nations in Atlantian Oceania. As such, industry tends to be localised, with some areas operating with a sustinence economy.

Within the nation as a whole, two industries dominate the Morgrugyn markets - agriculture and fishing. Fertile soils, warm climate and good rainfall lend themselves to an ideal growing medium for many crops, as well as providing excellent pasture for livestock. Many types of fruits, nuts and vegetables are grown, with many regional variations to be found - for example, the strip of land running north between Annaford and Forest Green is famed for the quality of its berries, the border areas adjoining Bettia are well-known for its pineapples, whilst the Flat Holm Town area is known for its local peanuts.

With no pesticides or any other chemicals used at all throughout the nation, Morgrugyn's produce is prized within the organic food markets of the area, although this also means they can be susceptible to pests. However, traditional methods combined with local know-how passed through the generations is usually enough to keep this in check.

Fishing is practised all along Morgrugyn's coastline, with the areas around the aptly-named towns of Winkleston, Cockleford and Whelksham being particularly rich in shellfish.


As a puppet and dependant nation of Bettia, Morgrugyn shares quite a few similarities. The flag uses the same crescent and star symbol as Bettia, transposed upon a yellow strip on top of a green background. As technology is so far behind, the government of Morgrugyn decided it does not need a unique international dialling code or internet domain, therefore it shares those with Bettia. It also uses the Bettian Groat as its official currency.

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