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The Atlantian Oceania Cup of Association Football is played amongst the nations of the region of Atlantian Oceania every four years, at the same time as the World Cup. It is the premier Regional Football Tournament in Nationstates, having some of the best teams from the World Cup competing for bragging rights within the Region.

Atlantian Oceania is currently the strongest footballing Region in the World, containing many recent World Champions: Casari, Starblaydia, Bedistan Sarzonia, Vilita and Crystilakere. It can be seen as equivalent to the real-life version of Europe in a footballing sense.

In its history of 18 competitions the AOCAF has only been won by eight different nations: Starblaydia (five times), NEWI Cefn Druids and Vilita (four times, though twice as Vilita on its own and twice united as 'Vilita & Turori'), Lamoni & Hypocria (twice), Sarzonia, Fmjphoenix and Bettia (all once).

At the present time, AOCAF 20 has completed.


The AOCAF has its own set of rankings separate from the KPB Rankings. This is so traditionally-strong footballing powers like Cockbill Street, The Lowland Clans and Bedistan who have recently moved to AO cannot automatically overrun nations like Lamoni and Pacitalia who compete regularly and often in the AOCAF but not in the World Cup.

AO Rankings - Top 10 (AOCAF XV)

 AO Rank  Team
   001    Starblaydia
   002    Bettia
   003    Nedalia
   004    Pacitalia
   005    Vilita & Turori
   006    Krytenia
   007    Lamoni
   008    Hypocria
   009    Myrtannia
   010    Andossa Se Mitrin Vega

AO Nations in The World - Top 10

 World Rank  Team
     001     Bedistan
     003     Starblaydia
     006     Hockey Canada
     010     Oliverry
     013     Sarzonia
     014     Fmjphoenix
     017     Krytenia
     018     Crystilakere
     019     Spruitland
     020     Vilita

Previous placings

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