Antarctic Oasis

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Antarctic Oasis
Forum: Antarctic Oasis
Population: 70+ nations
Delegate: Kivistan UN Bordello
Founder: Omigodtheykilledkenny
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

The graphic wonder that is the Antarctic Oasis regional flag was designed by OMGTKK.

Antarctic Oasis is a moderately sized region with about 70 nations and a population of over 100 billion. It is also the largest region in the NationStates world claiming Antarctic real estate, having long since surpassed Antarctica in number of nations. Initially formed from the wreckage of former Valdesian nations, Antarctic Oasis was purportedly the world's last unspoiled Antarctic wilderness -- that is, until powerful civilizations invaded, building massive ice cities in the desert and mountains and dotting the receding glaciers with thriving seaports. Soon, the shady leaders of the region's rogue nations had an extensive commercial paradise on their hands, relentlessly harvesting the Earth of its gold, uranium and oil reserves, and finding new and terrible ways to abuse the indigenous penguin -- including drafting the more vicious ones into military service and forcing the less useful into lives of servitude as butlers or test subjects in the region's many secret experimental weapons labs.

Antarctic Oasis is strictly a rogue region -- only the scummiest dictatorships, corporate dominions and evil-conservative republics populate this frozen wasteland, where UN membership is neither condoned nor condemned -- and members adhere to a strict "shoot on sight" rule for any UN official spotted inside the region's sovereign borders. Region members cherish their natural isolation from the international community, which allows them to partake in any number of duplicitous deeds away from the watchful eyes of the United Nations or international environmental and human-rights organizations.

Despite its contempt for the United Nations, the region has become known as a leader of UN legislation, its members being prominent advicates for national sovereignty, free trade, international security, sensible internationalism and repeals of flawed and wasteful legislation. The region's UN team members have gotten 35 proposals to quorum, 24 of which have passed.

Native sentients

Though mainly known for its fiercely loyal penguin warriors, Antarctic Oasis does boast other interesting sentient wildlife. Medieval Gnomish Warbands, servants to the nation Carson the Muscrat, roam the lands hunting for UN gnomes. The Palentine has inducted dolphins into its navy, mainly for the purposes of detecting underwater mines, but their service as seamen has rendered their mouths the scourge of the southern seas. Parents must shield their children's virgin ears whenever a Palentine Navy Dolphin is near; they talk so filthily, they have been immortalized in a Palentine Board of Tourism slogan: "Come visit The Palentine: Our Dolphins Swear Like Drunken Sailors!"

The region has also been known for housing abominable snowmen, and has been threatened before with bands of mutant polar bears.


Main article: Antarctic Oasis' Greatest Hits!

The Federal Republic of Omigodtheykilledkenny founded Antarctic Oasis in May 2005 following a seismic catastrophe in its former Valdesian environs; other Valdesian nations sought refuge in the Antarctic when most of their former neighbors were enveloped in the monumental disaster -- and dozens of nations followed suit.

Antarctic Oasis's early days were marked by Palixia's n00bish attempts to drag the region into a war with some irrelevant communist nitwit, and then to wrest the delegacy away from OMGTKK. When the nation finally left, some decided maybe the region could find better things to do with its time. In December, the infant Allied Antarctic Asskickers (AAA) participated in a brief incursion into The Eternal Kawaii to halt the theocracy's nuclear ambitions. [1] The region on the whole became more actively involved with United Nations affairs, and began attracting major UN powers like Cluichstan and Gruenberg into the fold. In February 2006 the UN ratified the region's first resolution, a repeal of Gay Rights. Nineteen other resolutions from Antarctic Oasis nations would eventually pass, with region members sponsoring over a quarter of all passed resolutions between the time that Repeal "Gay Rights" (Feb. '06) and Passport Standardisation Act (Oct. '07) were adopted. (See Legislation.)

Several regional powers joined in OMGTKK's invasion of Chechnya in early 2006 [2], and later that year, region members adopted formal treaties for the AOEAA free-trade zone and the AAA. [3] [4] The Regional Security Council and the regional defense HQ both opened for business in September. [5] [6] Also that month, Karmicaria's Queen Adrienne held a competition for suitors from across the region (and Ausserland) seeking her hand -- the result being that the nation's king would be a Kennyite. [7]

Noted Current and Former Nations

Former Nations

Regional Heads of State

Leaders of Antarctic Oasis (from left): OMGTKK's Manuelo Fernanda, The Palentine's Jhessan Spaulding, Cobdenia's Sir Leslie, LaivNFang's Kristian Hayes, Allech-Atreus Enclave's Surahio Karazon.

The leaders of Antarctic Oasis powers actually aren't all the "militarist dictators" some have made them out to be. Although many regional heads of state are the absolute rulers of their respective nations, some (notably those of Omigodtheykilledkenny and LaivNFang) are democratically elected, and other despotic regimes retain democratic elements, such as Gruenberg and The Palentine. Still others are former despotic governments that have since converted to democracy, like Karmicaria.


The regional government coordinates through an informal group of de-facto regional governors, or charter nations (currently OMGTKK, Lois-Must-Die, The Palentine, Gruenberg, Kivisto and Karmicaria) -- who are appointed by the Founder and in fact do absolutely nothing to govern the region, as charter nation status is granted more for prestige and bragging rights than anything else. However, several charter members bear other informal duties on top of their charter "obligations": The Palentine, for instance, serves as regional defense secretary and supreme allied commander of the Allied Antarctic Asskickers, and Kivisto has been afforded the title of secretary for foreign affairs.

Other bodies tackle other aspects of regional governance: the Regional Security Council coordinates AAA defense operations, and a (rather pointless) Secretariat was formed in June 2006 to oversee the regional free-trade zone, with several nations having appointed regional trade representatives.

Diplomatic Corps

Instituted in March 2007, the Antarctic Oasis Diplomatic Corps prides itself in doing absolutely nothing, rivaling the United Nations in wasteful bureaucracy, and giving some of the region's diplomats the chance to pull an easy paycheck. It's also supposed to be a central instrument for intraregional diplomacy, but don't tell that to any of the "diplomats" dispatched to the body. The designated ambassadors to the region are:

UN Delegate

The UN Delegate is considered the region's second-in-command. The region does not elect its delegate (though putting candidates through hell before the founder finally appoints one has become a cherished "Antarctian" tradition), nor does it conduct polls to determine how the delegate will vote on UN legislation. The current UN Delegate is Kivistan UN Bordello. Past delegates have included Omigodtheykilledkenny, Palentine UN Office and Gruenberg.

UN Affairs


Despite the region's intrinsic anti-UN nature, a number of its nations remain actively involved in UN affairs, most of them adopting a decidedly sovereigntist policy line. Many among the region's UN contingent are members of the NSO, UNOG and UN DEFCON.

The Antarctic Oasis Department of UN Affairs maintains a record of the voting history of past and present UN Delegates, issues official announcements to the General Assembly about the delegate's vote on important legislation, and coordinates regional efforts to sabotage the UN and bring it down from the inside -- er, "work cooperatively with other regions and nations to formulate more sensible, sovereignty-friendly UN policies." The current secretary of UN Affairs is Lois-Must-Die.


Passed Resolutions

The following UN resolutions were drafted and/or submitted by Antarctic Oasis nations:

  1. UN Resolution #144: Repeal "Gay Rights" (Omigodtheykilledkenny)
  2. UN Resolution #147: Abortion Legality Convention (Gruenberg)
  3. UN Resolution #150: UN Demining Survey (Gruenberg)
  4. UN Resolution #158: UN Recycling Commission (Gruenberg)
  5. UN Resolution #168: UN Counterterrorism Initiative (Cluichstan)
  6. UN Resolution #169: Child Pornography Prohibition (Gruenberg)
  7. UN Resolution #171: UN Educational Aid Act (Gruenberg)
  8. UN Resolution #175: Individual Working Freedoms (Gruenberg)
  9. UN Resolution #178: Outlaw Necrophilia (Karmicaria)
  10. UN Resolution #180: Fair Sentencing Act (Gruenberg)
  11. UN Resolution #185: Repeal "Hearing Impaired Aid Act" (Gruenberg)
  12. UN Resolution #188: Repeal "World Heritage List" (Kivisto)
  13. UN Resolution #189: Repeal "Due Process" (Karmicaria)
  14. UN Resolution #192: Sexual Privacy Act (Karmicaria)
  15. UN Resolution #196: Repeal "UN Educational Committee" (Gruenberg)
  16. UN Resolution #198: Emigration Rights (Kivisto)
  17. UN Resolution #202: Repeal "UN Biological Weapons Ban" (Karmicaria)
  18. UN Resolution #204: UN Bio Agent Convention (Kivisto)
  19. UN Resolution #208: Maritime Neutrality Covention (Cobdenia)
  20. UN Resolution #209: Repeal "Banning whaling" (WhaleCo Global LLC)
  21. UN Resolution #219: Accessible Family Planning (Omigodtheykilledkenny)
  22. UN Resolution #220: Repeal "SPCC Regulation Act" (Gruenberg)
  23. UN Resolution #225: Repeal "Max Barry Day" (Omigodtheykilledkenny)
  24. UN Resolution #226: Passport Standardisation Act (Cobdenia)

Failed Proposals

In addition, the following defeated UN proposals were drafted and/or submitted by region members: