Simeone Di Bradini

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Simeone Di Bradini
Nationality 22pixStarblaydiFlag.jpg Starblaydi
Hometown Jhanna
Position Striker
Caps 84
Goals 44
U21 Caps 4
U21 Goals 3
Clubs played for Iskara Daii, Alan City, Kiiarana City
Teams managed Starblaydia Under-21s, Kiiarana City, Starblaydia in FNI2
Former President of the World Cup Committee, Starblaydia's Record Goalscorer, Starblaydia's most expensive player ever (£40M to Alan City), World Cup Hall of Fame and Starblaydia All-Time XI Nominee

Simeone Di Bradini (also known as "SDB") is known as the most famous Starblaydi sportsman of all time. Renowned in his playing days as one of the best footballers in the world, Simeone's other qualities were recognised by the World Cup Committee as they voted him in as their President.

Career at Club Level

Iskara Daii

Simeone Di Bradini started his football career at Iskara Daii, his home-town side. Initally 'the Daii' were a semi-professional team playing in a small suburb of the Starblaydi captial city, Jhanna, in residing Starblaydi Football League. As part of an excellent team, a 17 year-old Simeone led the team from the front to being one of the top-twelve in Starblaydia, part of the Alpha Division. This rise came just in time as the league was quickly restructured, breaking the 12-team league into three Divisions of six teams each.

This change did nothing to slow down the Daii, who revelled in their ability to play and beat the other five 'top' teams in Starblaydia. They topped the new Alpha Division multiple times, with Simeone top-scoring for the club in every season, usually earning himself the top-scorer's position in the entire league. While at the Daii, club-mates included his brother, Roberto Di Bradini as well as other famous Starblaydi footballers Rodriguez Da Silva, Ki-Jana Carter, Rastian Salaam, Jean-Pierre Durand and Darius Belizaire.

Soon, however, Starblaydia's top young marksman was courted by some of the top clubs in the world. Eventually it was the giants of The Belmore Family: their most-famous club, Alan City, offered a jaw-dropping SC40,000,000 for him, something that no club could refuse. The Daii also received a striker in return, paying SC14M for Belmoron striker Alan Winters.

A Source at the club said: "This is the highest price we could have ever dreamed of getting for Simeone. 'SDB' is at the peak of his powers, and getting a young Belmore Striker as part of the deal was another bonus. I think we've bought a player who, at twenty-two, may be better than SDB was at that age."

"I'm elated to be given the Number Nine, worn by the one and only Alan Belmore, that's a true honour. Would you turn down Distefano's Number Eleven? Or the Ten worn by Maradonna or Pele? How about Thierry Henry's Fourteen? I'm furthuring my career and giving the Daii, who invested so much into me, Forty Million Credits. Thats a helluvan honour to be priced that high."

—Simeone Di Bradini, on his record-breaking transfer

Alan City

Though he was out of sight of the average Starblaydi, word filtered through about how well Simeone was doing. He played in a team that could well have been the greatest ever, with the best players of the time from all over the world such as Nick Yu, Thorgeirr Axewielder, Doug Freech, Naoki Maeda, Sasijilvenku Dikelesinivetisaru and Rikki Stone.

The club was bankrolled by President Alan Belmore himself, so it was no large suprise in that they paid out taxpayers' funds to purchase the most expensive players from around the globe. In their first season the side named 'team of the godmods' won the league, with Simeone out-scoring the rest of the league in the second season as Alan City won the Belmoron Premier League title yet again.

After seasons and seasons of winning the Belmoron Premier League, the Godmod side slowly broke up, with the world never to see one of it's like again. Simeone left The Belmore Family as a very-rich veteran footballer, looking for a place to ply his trade and finish his playing career. He found it in Vilita.

Kiiarana City

When his Contract at Alan City expired after World Cup 19, Simeone moved back to the Atlantian Oceania region, just a geographical stone's-throw away from his home nation, and moved to Kiiarana City in Vilita. He became Player-Coach at Kiiarana City of Vilita, , replacing Alexander Östling, leading them to the Stellar Division.

After his swansong in World Cup 20, where he also presented the World Cup Trophy to Vilitan Captain Santo Kecker, SDB took a back seat at Kiiarana to concentrate on his managerial career, while still strapping on the boots, even at 40, so show the Declasse Division how it was done. This decision paid off when his team were promoted to the Stellar Division in Seasons 15 and 17. He was even Kiiarana's top scorer with 9 goals in Season 17, as well as bagging 9 in Season 19 where he was the VLeague's top foreign Striker at the grand old age of 42. He also had a talent for unearthing young players, bringing Malaino Mumamba and Antonis Siazzu through the club's ranks and into the Vilitan national team.

Playing at International Level

Playing for the Starblaydia Under-21s

Simeone Di Bradini while playing for the Under-21s
While making his name at Iskara Daii, Simeone quickly began to shine for the team Starblaydia sent to the 3rd Under-21 World Cup. Technically, this was Starblaydia's first international competition at any level, and when Starblaydia lost 4-2 to Europa Brittania in the opening Group match Simeone scored Starblaydia's first goal. The other was provided by Ricky Torino, then of cross-town rivals Jhanna United. In the three Group games and single Knockout game Starblaydia played in that tournament, Simeone scored three goals; the other goals coming against Kaze Progressa and Magnus Valerius.
Starblaydia U21 side for U21WC3
Name                    Pos  Age  Goals
Rodriguez Da Silva      GK   19
Rastian Salaam          LB   18
Duncan Jacob            SW   18
Moses Brown             CB   18    1
J.J. Stark              RM   16
Olaf Vikerman (Captain) AM   19    1
Ki-Jana Carter          DM   18    1
Brett Perriman          LM   19
Ricky Torino            SC   17    2
Simeone Di Bradini      SC   18    3
Boomer Moore            CF   18    1

Simeone, eighteen years old at the time, only had one opportunity to play for the Under-21s, as in those days the gap between each Championship was 4 years, as opposed to the two it is today.

Playing for Starblaydia

His first senior caps for the Starblaydia national football team came in the 7th Cup of Harmony, the Cup for nations who failed to qualify for World Cup 15. Simeone was selected as a reserve striker, in a squad that blended the World Cup 15 team with the Under-21s. Simeone made three substitute appearances and scored two goals in Starblaydia's only two wins, against Turori and The Weegies.

World Cup 16 qualification soon came around, after a dismal International Recreational Cup where no Starblaydi scored any goals. Simeone bagged six goals in the ten Qualifying matches, four more than his nearest 'rivals', Nikola Lazerevski and Stefan Haldorsson, who both managed two. Starblaydia appeared in another dismal Cup of Harmony, with only two goals scored, niether of them SDBs.

It took World Cup 17 for Simeone to truly live up to his potential while wearing the white and purple of his nation. Playing in all 20 of the matches throughout the Campaign and Finals, Simeone bagged eleven crucial goals, including a brace against Pure Evil in what still ranks as Starblaydia's highest-ever win, a 6-0 victory on Matchday One of the Qualifiers. He also scored the goal that sent Starblaydia to their first World Cup, a single against Tanah Burung in a special Play-Off match to decide who went to Kaze Progressa & Vilita and who stayed at home. Simeone even got his revenge against Europa Brittania for their Under-21 defeat as he scored an Extra-Time winner in the Second Round to send Starblaydia through to the knockouts. By the time the next Cup, Eighteen came around, Simeone was 31 years old and was given the Captain's armband. He and his brother Robb were both in the Starting XI, and Starblaydia qualified for the Finals again with Simeone scoring 10 goals along the way, including two pairs.

At the age of thirty-five, as World Cup 19 came around, Simeone did make the squad, but only as the 23rd man out of the 23 man squad. Seven appearances and one goal later, he thought his career was over for the senior side. He was mistaken, however, as he was also picked for Starblaydia's team for the 5th Atlantian Oceania Cup of Association Football, the regional international tournament for Atlantian Oceania. Able to play in the home fixtures for the World Cup team, Simeone travelled between Starblaydia and neighbours, AOCAF hosts Legalese, to compete in both competitions. He wore the Captain's armband for the AOCAF side as they attempted to defend the title they won in Starblaydia itself four years previously. Simeone scored an incredible 9 goals in 9 appearances, prompting the Starblaydi fans to ask if he was reallyRejistanian scoring sensation Jenji Y in disguise. He even scored four goals in a single match, during a 6-2 win over Big Pimento. Alas he couldn't prevent Starblaydia from going out in the Quarter-Finals, losing over two legs to Turori.

Yet again he believed his international career had finished, but he was proved wrong. As he prepared for his duties in the Starblaydia- and Druida-hosted World Cup 20, Manager Guylain N'Dumbu-Nsungu called him up to the squad for one last hurrah, one last rage against the dying light. In his two appearances, Simeone scored his forty-fourth and last goal for his country, netting the fifth in a 5-1 win over The Belmore Family on Matchday 2 of the Group stage. In the Final in Mawr, Druida, Simeone presented the World Cup trohpy to the winning Vilitan captain, Santo Kecker, and his on-field duties for the national team were finally complete, after over twenty years of World-class performances.

Managing at International Level

Starblaydia in the FNI

Thanks to his Managerial experience at Kiiarana City, Simeone was picked to be Starblaydia's Manager for the Second Four Nations Invitational, hosted in Liverpool England. As this mini Tournament took place during both World Cup 21 and the 7th AOCAF, the nation had few players and even fewer qualified Managers to call upon, so Simeone was chosen. He picked a squad of aged veterans and youthful newcomers. This tournament was notable for the mergence of Dimitrios Steliopolous and the introduction of a fifteen year-old Surachai Buathiang, thanks to the imprisonment of Paulo Bachchan for assualt on a Starblaydi fan.

After a shaky start in the tournament, which also involved teams from Liverpool England, Bedistan and Lethislavania, Starblaydia came storming through in their final few matches to book a place in the Final against Lethislavania, whom they had just beaten 5-1 in their last Group-Stage match of the FNI. Starblaydia won the Final 2-1 with goals from Steliopolous and Jakkinho, giving Simeone a debut Managerial win.

Managing the Starblaydi Under-21s

With Guylain N'Dumbu-Nsungu leaving his post as Starblaydi Manager after a dismal performance in the Finals of World Cup 21, Starblaydia were bereft of both a Senior and Under-21 Manager. With two Under-21 tournaments before World Cup 22, the Starblaydi Football Association decided to give Simeone Di Bradini the co-managership of the Under-21s alongside Nikola Lazerevski.

Starblaydia had previously finished 3rd in the 12th Under-21 World Cup, and were looking to improve upon that in the upcoming tournaments. In U21WC13,m Starblaydia reached the Final itself, though Simeone's luck did not hold and Starblaydia were defeated by Under-21 rivals Fmjphoenix in the Final, 4-3 on penalties. This Cup saw Zhorin Tumunzahar - SDB's natural goalscoring successor - emerge with the Under-21s scoring record, 18 goals from 18 appearances in the Cup, including a hat-trick against Crystilakere.

For the 14th Cup, Starblaydia made the Final yet-again, in a Cup noteable for the emregence of Itechton Matranga. Nedalia were their opponents, and Starblaydia won 2-1 in the Final, with goals from Matranga himself and a winner from Surachai Buathiang, paying his debt to SDB who included him in the FNI squad three years earlier. This team formed the core of what was to be known as the Golden Generation of Starblaydi Football.

The Presidency

Before World Cup 25, an election was held amongst the members of the World Cup Committee to find a new President to replace the outgoing one from Bedistan. The four candidates - as nominated in a previous ballot - were Trevor Belmore of Druida, Sani Luvo of Kaze Progressa, Kansu Kiru of Rejistania and Simeone Di Bradini of Starblaydia.

As can be seen from the official results, Simeone won in somewhat of a landslide, polling over two-thirds of votes cast. Since becoming President Simeone has run the voting for Proposal KR2, which passed and modified Point E of Rule 999, as well as intisgated hosting votes for Cups of Harmony and World Cups, as well as the Presidency itself after World Cup 27, which Starblaydi candidate Giovanni Lopez won.

He was also in Kaza, Kaze Progressa - along with Starblaydi Lord-Protector Tiberius Starblayde to watch his country win World Cup 25 against the Orange-Blues of Rejistania.

The Legend

Having been selected for five different World Cups for his country, Simeone Di Bradini was a fixture of World Cup Finals for twenty years, scoring five times in the world's premier Sporting Tournament. He also went to an Under-21 World Cup, two Cups of Harmony and five other Tournaments, including a Nine-Goal haul in AOCAF5, where Starblaydia were the defending Champions. His club career is almost unparalleled too, as both Player and Coach in Vilita and Starblaydia, arguably the two greatest leagues in the world. Subsequently became Starblaydia's first World Cup Hall of Famer before being elected as the President of the World Cup Committee, the governing body for football across the world.

Not a bad little career for a kid from a downtown suburb called Iskara.

OOC Information

As he now no-longer competes in the World Cup, Simeone Di Bradini has left the strict 4-year cycle timestream of the World Cup and into the more fluid timescales of Nationstates. As such, whenever he ever appears in RPs outside of the World Cup, he will remain in a permanent nearly-forty state of being. He is both a Sporting- and Non-sporting-roleplayed Character.

SDB is also a personal avatar for the user behind Starblaydia.

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